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Are you planning to use SEO services for your small business? If the answer is yes, Digital eSearch – Small Business SEO Company, can build your business brand’s online presence. As a small business owner, one of the challenging tasks for you must be increase your customer base.

If you are a local business owner, your customer base must be limited to your region or location. Through SEO, you increase the online presence of your business. This way, your customer base won’t be limited to a specific region or area. The good thing about SEO is it’s cost-effective. When your website ranks on the top of the search engine results page and starts getting tons of traffic, you won’t be charged any money. Hiring an small business SEO Company would be the only investment.

Get Your Small Business Established With Our Effective SEO Strategy

As a small business owner, you might be facing difficulty in improving your business brand awareness and increasing the reach. When we talk about SEO services, there are so many agencies and companies out there with their own pricing and packages. Among so many agencies, it is imperative to select one that can use the right SEO techniques and quote the right price.

Digital eSearch is an small business SEO company which can help your small business get better to reach with effective SEO strategy. We have a team of well-trained and experienced SEO professionals. Our SEO professionals have updated knowledge about current search engine algorithm updates.

With so much knowledge and experience, our team will prepare the best and effective SEO strategy for your small business.

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How much does SEO cost for a small business?

Are you a small business owner? You might want to increase the online presence of your small business through search engine optimization. In this situation, finding the right SEO plans for small business can be quite difficult. For your small business, there’s no need to purchase a costly package.

Depending on various factors like business niche, size, etc., the cost of search engine optimization services for a small business may start from around $200, and it can go up to $1500 and more.

Why do you need to invest in small business SEO?

You might be confused about the advantages of using small business SEO services. Well, here are the reasons why you need to invest your money in small business SEO:

Build brand awareness: One of the significant benefits of small business SEO is brand awareness. Having the right SEO strategy and proper implementation would help your small business increase brand awareness.

Acquire new customers: Every business requires customers. SEO can increase your site ranking for the targeted keywords. This would help you acquire new customers.

Beat competition: Another reason to consider SEO is to stay ahead of your competitors. The ideal SEO strategy would help you get higher rankings than your competitors.

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Our Small Business SEO Process

Business Market Analysis

The first step in our small business SEO process is business market analysis. Under this step, we will analyze your business niche. The analysis will give us an idea about competitiveness and opportunities. You might be in a competitive niche. In this case, we will go through your competitor’s strategy and figure out how we can tackle the competition.

Technical SEO & Coding

Technical SEO is one of the crucial parts of SEO. Without technical search engine optimization and coding, your website might face difficulties in getting better rankings. It includes sitemap generation, robots.txt, website loading speed, and more. A small business SEO Company help on the same.

Website Content & Optimization

In the digital marketing field, content plays a significant role. If you want your website to rank on the top of Google SERP (search engine results page), you need to create and publish high-quality content. It could be content for your website pages or the blog. Under this stage, we will create website content and optimize it.

Local SEO Optimization

Once we create and publish content, we move onto the next step - local SEO optimization. Local SEO is done to get better rankings on local search results. It includes Google My Business optimization, Yelp, citations, and more.

Media PR & Links

You want to improve your small business website’s rankings faster, right? For that, media PR and link building are significant. Website rankings can be enhanced without backlinks, but that can be time-consuming. Backlinking helps in improving website authority and rankings.


After that, the next step comes in our small business SEO process is reporting. With the SEO report, you can compare your website’s past performance with the present performance. This can give you an idea about how much traffic, rankings, and links have been improved on your website. Without a report, it would be challenging to analyze the improvement through SEO activities.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is the last step in the process. Under this step, we evaluate present website performance with past performance. It helps to understand how well our SEO activities have generated results.


Last but not least, reporting helps the client understand how much results the SEO strategy has generated. In the Ecommerce SEO report, we mention website rankings, traffic, conversions, etc. With the report, you can compare your website’s past performance with the present performance.

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Why You Need SEO Services For Your Small Business?

Are you unsure whether you should get SEO services for your small business? Here are the points explaining why you need to use SEO services:


First of all, SEO is cost-effective. Unlike paid advertising methods like Google ads and Facebook ads, you won’t be charged based on the number of website visitors you get. Under SEO marketing, the significant investment would be the agency you hire.

Targeted Traffic

Another good thing about SEO is it can get your website targeted visitors. In the case of traditional marketing methods like television, radio, etc., you can display your ads to the targeted audience.

Better Conversion Rate

As SEO generates high-quality and targeted website traffic, converting that traffic would be easy. Your SEO goal might be to generate more leads, sell online products/services, get affiliate sales, or any other. Targeting the right keywords would help you get high intent traffic. And high intent traffic means better conversion.

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How Can I start with Your Small Business SEO Services?

It’s very simple process. You just need to fill up the given form on the website. And one of our representatives will connect with you. Or you can directly buy a plan form from our SEO packages. After the getting the payment from you we will start the work on your campaign.

What I will get from your Small Business SEO Services?

Our SEO service includes website analysis, keywords research, website optimization, content optimization, link building and more. We have a dedicated team of experts who will take care of all these activities.

How Long it will take to see the Result?

Well, it’s depending of competition of the keywords like High, Medium & Low. But yes, your keywords will start appearing on Search engine from 3 to 6 month. And also your website traffic will be improved gradually.

How Much Should I Pay for Small Business SEO?

It’s depending on how big or small you website is. Means how many keywords you want to target for your business. Our SEO plan start form 15 keywords which cost is $199 per month.

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