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Are you a local business owner who wants to get better reach and brand awareness? If yes, you should consider focusing on building an online presence. The chances are your local business might have customer base limited to your specific location or region.

If this is the situation, building an online presence can help your business get more reach. To increase the online presence of your business, you should focus on local SEO. With local search engine optimization, you can improve your local search rankings.

No matter whether your local business’ goal is to generate more inquiries, leads, calls, increase sales, or any other, local SEO Company can help you achieve all your goals. Local SEO would make it easier to get more leads, inquiries, etc., from outside your location/region.

Local SEO Services

Why Are Local SEO Services Important?

You want to get more customers for your small local business, right? This is when the importance of local SEO services come into play. The proper local SEO plan and implementation would increase your brand awareness within the region and improve your local search rankings.

Under local search engine optimization, Google My Business listing plays a significant role. When your GMB listing is optimized correctly, your business will get top rankings for high intent local keywords.

For example, you are a restaurant owner in London. When the local SEO strategy is implemented correctly, your business will start getting higher rankings for keywords like ‘best restaurants in London,’ ‘best food places in London’, etc.

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What is Local SEO Services and How It Works?

Local SEO is the search engine optimization process that helps local businesses rank in local searches on Google and other search engines. The best example of local SEO is the listing of three businesses we see on Google when entering any local search query.

For example, if you are looking for a restaurant, you are likely to enter a search query like “restaurants near me”, “food near me”, or “restaurants in [LOCATION]”. When someone enters a local search query on Google, Google displays a listing of three businesses on the top. Google ranks local businesses based on various factors like reviews, keywords used, citations, etc.

How Local SEO Can Help Your Business Attract Local Customers

Currently, you might be relied solely on customers within your region. With local SEO, you can increase the reach of your business and attract more clients.

If you are not focusing on local SEO, you are missing out on so much. Before buying something or using any service, users make online search query on giant search engines like Google. Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose you are a restaurant owner and your business is not registered online. When someone nearby your restaurant enters a search query like “restaurant near me”, your business won’t be displayed. On the flip side, when your business will be registered online, and proper local SEO will be done, your business will appear for related search queries.

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Local SEO Services from Digital eSearch

Local Keywords Research

The process of local SEO starts with keyword research. Under local SEO, we find keywords relevant to your business location and niche. For doing keyword research, we use various SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

Location-Based Page Analysis

After doing local keywords research, we do location-based page analysis. Analyzing various webpages on your website gives us an idea about what pages are doing and which ones aren’t and then suggested accordingly further.

Website Content Optimization

Your business might be available in different locations within the same city. After getting content written from our writers and publishing it on the website, the next step we do is optimize the content based on location.

On-site Implementation

On-site or on-page is a crucial part of SEO. This SEO type helps the search engine understand what your website and its content are all about. Some on-site SEO factors are the title tag, description tags, and CTR optimization.

GMB Setup & Optimization

Another important step in local SEO is setting up Google My Business profile and optimizing that. GMB is something that can bring your local business fantastic foot traffic. Optimizing your GMB page can improve your local search engine rankings.

Citation (NAP Consistency)

Under local SEO, citations are very vital. When you are in a competitive niche or location, increasing the number of citations help you stand apart. When creating citations, we ensure your business NAP (Name, Address, & Phone no.) is consistent.

Quality Link Building

Link building is one of the critical SEO ranking factors. Ranking a website or blog without backlinks is possible, but it can be quite time-consuming. Building quality links by following the Google guidelines can increase your website authority and rankings.

Reporting & Tracking

Under reporting and tracking step, we prepare a report and track the performance. Preparing an SEO report gives us an idea about how well our SEO strategy performed. If it hasn’t done well, we can add improvements to our strategy.

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To increase your online presence and drive more local customers, all you need is the right SEO agency. Digital eSearch is the best local SEO Company India which can manage all your local SEO activities.

We have a team of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge about the field. With Digital eSearch, you can get your business found when someone enters a local search query on Google or any other giant search engine.

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What is the Difference between Local SEO & Global SEO?

Local SEO is about optimizing your website for a specific location. Local SEO help your business to visible on the local search engines and Google map. And Global SEO refer to promoting your business worldwide.

How Can I List My Business on Google Maps?

First of all, you need to setup GMB (Google My Business) page. Google will send a verification code via postcard on your given address. After that you need to optimize your GMB page like phone number, hours update, Add Photo & Video, acquire client’s positive review etc.

What is NAP (Name, Address & Phone) Consistency?

NAP Consistency is about having accurate a location-based business’s Name, Address, and Phone number across all citation & directories, social media profiles, and websites. Providing correct information (NAP) about a business is considered a important rankings factor in Local SEO by Google.

How Long Does Local SEO Take To See the Results?

Well, it’s depending of competition of the keywords like High, Medium & Low. But yes, your keywords will start appearing on Search engine from 3 to 6 month. And also your website traffic will be improved gradually.

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